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Skin Tightening

A common complaint from people who have achieved considerable weight loss is that they have is extra, loose, saggy skin leftovers. This is also common for aesthetic patients who undergo liposuction procedures. Not only can this cause patients to feel self-conscious about their appearance, but it may also lead to skin issues such as rashes and irritation.

Skin Tightening using unique laser-assisted liposuction

Alma’s liposuction techniques are unique as they are laser-assisted. Therefore they not only achieve effective lipolysis (fat cell destruction), they also contract existing collagen and elastin fibers and stimulate the formation of new collagen for firmer, tighter-looking skin. That means that immediately after the liposuction treatment itself, e.g for removing excess belly fat, the skin around the treated area will appear firmer than after regular, mechanical liposuction procedures.
Alma Lasers also offers a dedicated skin tightening cannula designed exclusively for tightening the face and neck. It also enables treating areas of skin laxity such as nasolabial folds, jowls, and jawline. The skin tightening cannula may also be used for post-facelift procedure touch-ups including addressing any facial asymmetry or sagging skin.

Skin Tightening using unique laser-assisted liposuction

Powered by the 1470nm diode device, a dual-mode cannula for simultaneous lasing and suction, and a built-in temperature gauge, BeautiLift removes unwanted fat deposits while controlled heat contracts collagen fibers within the skin. The laser’s thermal effect stimulates the formation of new collagen, improves dermal thickness and alignment, ultimately lifts and tightens the skin and supporting tissue matrix.

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