Eyebrow Microblading in Rochester NY

Eyebrow Microblading is a procedure in which eyebrows are made to appear denser, with enhanced shape and added thickness where needed. The implantation of pigment by a non-electric hand tool makes "hair strokes" to mimic the look of real hair. This is a semi-permanent option that can last 12-18 months depending on skin type. Most people usually want an annual touch up. Microblading is virtually pain free thanks to the use of two topical anesthetics. There is zero down time!

Session 1

In-depth consultation, precise measurements taken of your facial structure, color customization, in-depth review of after care instructions, application of anesthetics, the procedure, booking of your 4-6 week perfecting session.


Session 2: Perfecting Session

In the perfection session we make minor adjustments to color, shape and density to get the best possible end result.


Session 3: Enhancement

Oily or mature skin does not hold pigment as well as normal to dry skin and may be subject to an additional appointment after your 4-6 week touch up to get desired result.


Annual Touch Up Session

Pigment will gradually and naturally fade over time, and you may choose to schedule a Touch-Up Session over the course of a year to maintain color, shape and density.


All prices subject to change.

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