Our Team

There's no one at the salon more important than you.

Not the owners, or the owners' kids, or any one of our super talented professionals.
We're all on the same team: Team You.
We're salaried employees, not freelancers. And nobody gets commissions.

No commissions on products, no commissions on services.
Instead, a good salary that keeps our focus on where we want it: on you.

Teamwork means true value from all of us.
Collaboration, not competition. Sharing ideas, not hoarding them.
Introducing you to each other's strengths

No one of us owns your experience here - we all do!

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Michael Spitale
Owner, Master Stylist
Diane Spitale
Owner, Certified laser technician, certified CoolSculpting specialist, certified accent skin tightening specialist, Director of laser department training
Brittany Spitale-Mauro
Master Colorist / General Manager
Michael Spitale Jr.
Director Of Cutting & Styling Training
Lisa Wall
Esthetician, Certified Laser Technician, Certified CoolSculpting Specialist, certified accent skin tightening specialist
Jenna Markson
Esthetician, Certified laser technician, Certified CoolSculpting specialist, certified accent skin tightening specialist

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