5 Ways to Improve Your CoolSculpting Results!

CoolSculpting is a big investment, and with over 1,000 treatments performed at Spitale Laser Spa Salon we've learned a thing or two about maximizing your results!

1. Do Your Research

Now more than ever, many places are starting to offer CoolSculpting. It's the only FDA cleared, non-surgical fat reduction treatment, effective on the abdomen, arms, chin, inner & outer thighs, love handles, and even back fat! But how do you know which place is right for you? Do your research! Spitale Laser Spa Salon was one of the first salons in the Rochester, NY area to offer CoolSculpting and has been a staple in the Rochester community for over 30 years. Each member of your CoolSculpting team at Spitale Laser Spa Salon is a trained & certified CoolSculpting professional.

2. Document Your Journey

Once you’ve decided to freeze your fat with CoolSculpting, take some before photos at your home! We will take professional before & after photos for you here in the salon, but many people find it helpful to take their own to compare the changes in their body from all angles!

3. Be Prepared

At Spitale Laser Spa Salon, we have TWO CoolSculpting machines that allow us to cut your treatment times in half, but it’s still helpful to bring a book or something to do while you receive your CoolSculpting Treatment. The intense cooling sensation is uncomfortable for some people as it becomes numb, so it’s good to bring something that can help you take your mind off of the procedure. Read, check your emails, relax or even take a quick nap! During your consultation, your technician will explain the procedure to you in detail to ensure that you feel comfortable before & during your treatment.

4. Be Patient

Many people are under the misconception that they will leave their treatment seeing results that same day. You can expect to start seeing the changes in your body 3-6 weeks after your treatment! Also, for several months following your treatment, your body will continue to flush out fat cells!

5. Get Motivated

Remember that the long-term results are up to you! You’ll see maximum results from your CoolSculpting treatment when you pair it with a healthy diet & a regular exercise regimen. Although CoolSculpting will eliminate fat in your treatment area, it will not prevent you from gaining weight due to poor diet & lack of exercise. Use your treatment as a new start for a better, healthier you!

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