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Laser Hair Removal

Head to toe to you-know-where

Our lasers do it all. No more razors or waxes for you!

  • Fast (Get in and out during lunchtime. Maybe even a break!)
  • Virtually painless
  • FDA-approved technology and procedures
  • Treatments tailored to your specific needs, skin type, and hair type
  • 0% percent financing available
  • Two-year hair-free guarantee
  • Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Signature services include:

Bikini Line Hair Removal

Want to have perfectly smooth skin to go with your sexy, two-piece swimsuit? The bikini line pubic hair removal procedure is one of the most popular among the Laser Spa’s loyal customers. A single procedure can be completed within 10 minutes! You can say goodbye to the painful shaving bumps, razor burn, and even the irritating dark hair buried under your skin by the end of your second laser hair removal treatment.

Full Brazilian Bikini Procedure

If you prefer to go completely bare or with just a thin strip of hair, you’ll want the full Brazilian bikini procedure. No more razors or waxes for you! For those who have sensitive skin or if you just want to take some precautions, your Laser Spa technician can apply a prescription anesthetic cream to put your mind at ease.

Women’s Facial Hair Removal

Compared to waxing, electrolysis, and other more traditional methods of facial hair removal, laser facial hair removal is a fast and simple procedure which you can get during your lunch break. A single treatment can take as little as 10 minutes! While multiple treatments may be required to completely remove all unwanted hairs, you’ll definitely notice a significant change after the first treatment. And the Laser Spa customizes its laser hair removal treatments for any skin tone, light to dark.

Leg Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for your legs offers you a permanent solution that is also more cost-effective than having your legs waxed regularly. Think about it: never having to shave your legs again will be a great relief! You can wear shorts and skirts anytime you want without having to worry about nicks and stubble. A complete hair removal treatment for both legs usually takes one hour.

Men’s Facial Hair Removal

Just think how much time you’ll save when you no longer have to shave! We will help you achieve the smooth, clean, and professional appearance that you have always wanted sans the razor bumps, razor burns, and nicks that come with shaving.

Underarm Hair Removal

If you are trying out laser treatments for the first time, underarm hair removal is the perfect place to start.  The procedure is fast and easy but the advantages are great!

Arm Hair Removal

Are you always conscious of the dark hair on your arms? Your Laser Spa technician will choose from a variety of FDA-approved, second-generation lasers that can be used to provide effective and virtually painless hair removal treatments to anyone, no matter the color of their skin. And this type of procedure can be performed over your lunch break!

Chest Hair Removal

For men who prefer the look and feel of a smooth chest — or whose partners do! —  laser hair removal is the best option. Each treatment takes about an hour, and you’ll never be annoyed by having to wax or shave again.

Back and Shoulder Hair Removal

Athletes, fitness buffs, and other men who want to show off their hard-earned muscles will find that laser hair removal at the Laser Spa is the perfect complement to their toned bodies. Laser hair removal is also recommended for those who are planning to get a tattoo on their chest, back, or any other part of the body.

iLipo - Laser Fat Reduction

iLipo: the intelligent alternative to liposuction.

Jump-start a new healthy life style! Once the inches come off you’ll be jazzed…and that will motivate you to aim for new, healthier goals.

  • FDA-approved for fat reduction and body contouring
  • Fast and completely painless
  • Treat all skin types, all body areas – wherever you want to reduce fat
  • Immediate results
  • And get this: in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, over 70% of participants experienced significant inch loss, This is more than double the percentage difference for meeting significant results as defined by the FDA.
  • Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

i-Lipo advantages over liposuction

(Note: this is text that is FDA-reviewed, from the company that makes i-Lipo lasers.)
Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Immediate Results

Results can be seen immediately after treatment and cumulatively after a series of treatments! i-Lipo uniquely incorporates lymphatic stimulation to accelerate the uptake of the free fatty acids to improve treatments results.  A course of 8 treatments is recommended over 4 weeks with 2 treatments per week.

Pain Free

Unlike most other fat reduction procedures, i-Lipo treatments are completely painless. Once you have one treatment, you won’t have to be talked into making the next appointment. You’ll look forward to it!

Fast Treatment Times

i-Lipo procedures take only twenty minutes!  You can sit or lie down during treatments, totally relaxed and comfortable.

Treat All Skin Types

No worries about skin type. If you’re looking for a better figure, you can get it with i-Lipo.


i-Lipo uses low levels of visible red laser light to create a safe and painless stimulation of the normal chemical pathways to free up reserved energy resources stored as fat.  It’s “photostimulation” vs. “photothermolysis.”  No structure in the skin or surrounding tissue is thermally targeted or destroyed.  i-Lipo treatments are safe, effective and immediately demonstrable.

No Downtime

Since i-Lipo is a non-destructive technology, there are no side effects as a result of an i-Lipo procedure. i-Lipo results are NOT dependent on the body’s wound healing response to demonstrate the desired aesthetic effect.  Since no fat cells or surrounding tissue is destroyed using low level laser energy, UNLIKE other technologies that use freezing temperatures, high frequency ultra-sound or other high powered energy devices, there are no side effects to warn a patient about either during or after an i-Lipo treatment.

Treat All Body Parts

i-Lipo is not limited to treating only the waistline and can, in fact, target unwanted fat deposits almost anywhere on  the body. By positioning the laser pads on the treatment area such as chin, upper arms, abdomen or thighs, fat can be broken down and removed specifically from those areas. Diet and exercise alone cannot do this—only iLipo can target specific areas for inch loss reduction quickly, painlessly and consistently.

Clinically Proven

Independent clinical studies have shown i-Lipo treatment results to be comparable to those achieved by liposuction in several patients. Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. i-Lipo is the first direct skin contact laser device designed for fat reduction and body contouring to receive FDA approval for circumferential reduction.

Before and after

Below are a few before-and-after photos from of the results from i-Lipo. Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Laser Skin Tightening/Cellulite Reduction

Is it time to face facts?

If you’re avoiding mirrors because of crow’s feet, fine lines around your mouth, age spots, or other blemishes on your otherwise gorgeous face, we have good news for you. With our special “dual layer” Accent laser, you’ll enjoy smooth, toned skin very quickly…maybe even after your first treatment!

  • Completely safe and FDA-approved
  • Virtually no pain (some people say it feels like a “warm massage”)
  • No recovery time required. You can head right back to work or home
  • Accent is also effective at smoothing out cellulite anywhere in the body
  • Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Fast, safe, and effective with long-lasting results.

(Note: this is text that is FDA-reviewed, from the company that makes Accent lasers.)
Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

If you want to get rid of unwanted cellulite or skin blemishes and tighten loose, sagging skin, the revolutionary cellulite treatments provided at the Spitale Laser Spa will give you back the tighter, smoother, and younger looking skin of your youth.

Cellulite rarely occurs in men but affects over 90% of adult women. Even if you eat well and exercise regularly, there’s no guarantee that you won’t develop cellulite, which can give your skin a bumpy, “orange peel” appearance.  Our treatments are non-invasive, virtually painless, and will quickly give you skin that not only looks young, but feels young, too.

But that’s not all. Our laser technology can smooth out fine wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, remove age spots and freckles, and tighten up loose skin after childbirth. Why flirt with injections, invasive surgery, or expensive creams when you can get excellent results with laser treatments? Results you can often see the same day as your first cellulite treatment. Results that typically last for at least two years.

Give yourself a real treat and start contouring, smoothing, and rejuvenating your body today.  All of our cellulite treatments are FDA-approved, and we offer payment plans to make them more easily affordable.

Spitale Laser Spa Services and Financing Options

“Price transparency” is a business buzzword. Here’s what it really means:

We will be completely up-front with you about the true costs of effective treatment. Many people have been dazzled by very low “introductory” prices only to find out that many more treatments are necessary, and sometimes the additional treatments come with a much higher price tag.

We will match every reasonable offer from competitors that you find. The exceptions will be the misleading coupon offers that we know will not give you the results you want. So if we can’t in good conscience match a competitive offer, we’ll tell you precisely why.

We will give you our best price at the time you visit us for an initial consultation. This means if there’s a special we’re running in our advertising that affects our price list, we’ll be sure to let you know. And we will remind you that there’s always an option for 0% financing at Spitale Laser Spa~Salon.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Packages

We offer single treatment sessions or packages of eight treatments.

FREE 2-year guarantee

All laser hair removal packages have a free two-year guarantee that we will give you up to eight additional “touch-up” treatments at no charge, as needed.

Ask us about our EXCLUSIVE Lifetime Guarantee.


Cellulite reduction and skin tightening

There is an enormous variety of conditions that we can treat with our gentle, fat reducing i-Lipo lasers – everything from freckles to bumpy thighs, crow’s feet, and post-baby sag. Individual skin types also vary widely, so please visit us for a consultation. This will give you a more accurate picture of what we can accomplish and for how much. And remember, 0% financing is available to make the decision easier for you.

Alternate Payment Options

We accept all forms of payment, but if you’d rather pay over time we have partners that can provide you with financing options.

The Barclaycard

barclay-cardLucky for you you’re able to finance your procedure at 0% interest (credit permitting) for 12 months by obtaining financing through our affiliate, The Best Medical Business Solutions. A Barclaycard can be obtained in your name, letting you walk out the door with your procedure scheduled, getting you well on your way to enjoy a more youthful appearance long before payment is due. Learn more about the Barclaycard »


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